Over a long period of time, a rich and distinctive culture has been created in Azerbaijan which has always been fascinating generations. With both ancient and modern roots, the heritage, culture, and civilization of Azerbaijan is attracting attentions specially among young generations. With the growth of Azerbaijani population in Edmonton, the need for a community to represent this population and to promote Azerbaijan culture is evident. Our ancestors over years and years have created a rich culture of kindness and respect and have passed it on to us and now it is our duty to pass it on to our children. It is a great pleasure to announce that the Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Edmonton (AZCSE) is registered and actively seeking new members. Within the past 8 years or so, Edmonton Azerbaijanis have kept a close connection with each other through different events organized by volunteers. The AzCSE is founded to provide better opportunities to serve our people and practice our culture. Azerbaijani Cultural Society of Edmonton is solely a cultural society with no political orientation and no geopolitical boundaries. Members of the society come from different countries and cultures but they share a common interest: they love Azerbaijani culture or they are interested to know more about this culture. We welcome your membership and value your participation. Please click here to register.