AzCSE Participation in Edmonton Heritage Festival

July 30, 2022

Heritagefest is an annual gathering of cultural organisations to share their history, singing, dance, and food with the world. They provide all of the songs, dances, crafts, and music. The festival has been held annually since 1976 by the Edmonton Heritage Festival Association.

Edmonton Heritage Festival is a member of the International Council of Folklore Festivals and Folk Arts Organizations (CIOFF). As a result, the Festival is designated as a "Intangible Cultural Heritage Asset" by CIOFF's sponsor, UNESCO, providing global recognition and marketing opportunities. 

This year, 2022, AzCSE participated in the Heritage Festival with Azerbaijan Pavilion which included a cultural tent, a performance stage, a food tent, and cold drink tent.

More than 125 Azerbaijani dance and 100+ music performed  during three-day event.

Azerbaijani food served in the kitchen including Dolma, Gozleme, Bamiye, Qutab as well as Donair Wrap and Lentil Balls. 

We became even closer during #yegheritagefest and as a big AzCSE family, we had an amazing three days at the Heritage fest proudly showcasing our culture to the hundreds of thousands of festival attendees.

Many thanks to our brilliant dance performers & our gifted AzCSE Karabakh music group members for memorable performances! Special thanks to the most amazing, professional, talented dancers Laman Hendricks (our brilliant professional dance instructor) and Mohammad Naghizadeh for incredibly beautiful Azerbaijani folk dance performances!

Last, but not least, we are very grateful and proud of our amazing & hardworking volunteers (many missing in this photo) who made this possible! We have the best and most awesome volunteers in the world, we can not thank you enough! 


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