Azerbaijani Novruz Bayrami 2020

Edmonton, Canada

Azerbaijan Cultural Society of Edmonton (AzCSE) and Azerbaijani Cultural Student Association at U of A (AzCSA) cordially invites you to the 13th Annual Azerbaijani Novruz Celebration Event on Saturday on March 21, 2020!

This is our 13th year celebrating this ancient, multicultural, and much-loved holiday in Edmonton area and bringing and sharing holiday joy with you all. According to your feedback, all of our previous events have been unforgettable celebrations filled with laughter & smile, hugs & handshakes, culture, heritage and traditions, delicious food, dance and much more. We are organizing another magnificent and memorable event to celebrate this special, historic, multicultural, and much-loved holiday with you all on Saturday March 23, 2019 at luxurious Fantasyland Hotel, WEM!

Lets get together as individuals, families, friends and as a multicultural community to celebrate this precious, historic, cherished festival! Lets celebrate spring and feel its freshness in our souls on March 21, 2020!

You will enjoy live Azerbaijani music and folk dance performances, delicious buffet dinner, multicultural guest performances, public dance sessions, traditional holiday activities, holiday table and much more throughout the night. Please purchase your tickets as soon as you can. Seats are limited and there will be no ticket sale at the door!

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Beverly Hills Ballroom - Fantasyland Hotel

17700 87 Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5T 4V4


Saturday March 21, 2020


6pm till midnight

Please read carefully to avoid any issues. Contact us if you need any help.

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    • VIP - $82.00
    • Regular Admission 12+ years old - $72.00
    • Kids 5-12 years old - $38.00 (under 5 free!)
    • Table of 8 - $496.00 (Special! $62.00 per person)
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$496.00 ($62.00 per person)

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Please contact us at or (780) 707-4529 if you have any questions.



  • Azerbaijan Folkloric Group Dances
  • Azerbaijan Solo Dances
  • Public Dance
  • Multicultural Guest Performers
  • Live Azerbaijani Folkloric, Classic and Modern Music
  • Traditional Holiday Activities throughout The Night
  • Traditional Holiday Table

Dinner Buffet

  • Beef: Halal roasted chicken
  • Fish: Cajun dusted basa fillet with fire
  • Baked dinner rolls and butter
  • Mixed greens with house dressing
  • Potato salad with honey balsamic and peppers
  • Pasta salad
  • Market vegetable with roasted ranch dressing
  • Rice pilaf
  • Medley of vegetables
  • Oven roasted potato
  • Chef choice plated dessert
  • Freshly brewed coffee and herbal tea
  • Soft drinks from bartender

A full cash bar will be also available.

AzCSE Dance Class - Cancelled

Posted on January 15, 2020

The next session of Azerbaijani dance classes will take place on Thursday January 16, 2020 from 6:30pm till 8:00pm.

More information


Thursday January 16, 2020 from 6:30pm till 8:00pm


University of Alberta
Education Building South (Third floor, ED 315)

AzCSE Annual Meeting - Sunday January 12, 2020

Posted on December 29, 2019

AzCSE had many great accomplishments in 2019. AzCSE achieved another milestone in showcasing, representing, and educating Azerbaijani culture, welcomed everyone regardless of cultural, religious, and ethnic backgrounds, brought families, friends, community together on many occasions. AzCSE held a very successful Novruz Bayrami Celebration Event in March, participated at the Heritage Festival for the 5th time in a row showcasing Azerbaijani culture to more than 360,000 Edmontonians and visitors, and run a number of cultural programs, including music practices, dance, cultural cooking classes, volleyball sessions, held potlucks, summer picnics, organized Family Day gathering, Mother's Day, 101st anniversary of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic (1918-20), Fathers Day, Holiday Gathering, Volunteer Appreciation events and a number of social nights. AzCSE participated in various city wide events, festivals, and celebrations throughout 2019 to showcase and promote Azerbaijani culture to Canadians from all backgrounds.

AzCSE annual meetings offer great opportunity to sit down and discuss what we have accomplished as a community and what could be improved and time to set plans for the year ahead. This year, AzCSE annual meeting will be held on Sunday January 12, 2020. We encourage all AzCSE members to attend the meeting. The next board will be also elected in the annual meeting. This is certainly a great opportunity for you to become an AzCSE board member, volunteer your time in helping your community to grow and flourish.

If you are a gold member of AzCSE (you have volunteered for AzCSE for at least 50 hours over the past two years), and submitted your most current year membership fee, then according to the AzCSE Bylaw, you can nominate yourself to become a board member. We encourage all interested gold members to nominate themselves no later than Friday January 10, 2019 11:00am by filling out the below nomination form. Please note that the receipt of your nomination form will be acknowledged by January 11, 2019 by 11 pm. Please follow up with us in case of not receiving a confirmation from AzCSE.

A light lunch will be provided.

Please also note that this is also a great opportunity to submit your membership fees for the year of 2019, support your community, and benefit from member discounts to AzCSE events. AzCSE annual membership fee is only $20.00 for the entire year and AzCSE has a reduced membership fee of $10.00 for students and unemployed.


Sunday January 12, 2019, from 11:30am till 1:00pm


15450 105 Avenue (upstairs)
Edmonton, AB, T5P 0T7


Azerbaijani Music Sessions

Posted on January 4, 2020

The next Azerbaijani music session will take place on Sunday January 12, 2020 from 6:30pm till 8:00pm.

More information


Sunday January 12, 2020 from 6:30pm till 8:00pm


15450 105 Avenue Northwest Edmonton,
Alberta T5P 0T7 Canada

AzCSE Dance Class - Cancelled

Posted on January 8, 2020

The next session of Azerbaijani dance classes will take place on Thursday January 9, 2020 from 6:30pm till 8:00pm.

More information


Thursday January 9, 2020 from 6:30pm till 8:00pm


University of Alberta
Education Building South (Third floor, ED 315)