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AzCSE Membership

Posted on December 26, 2014

AzCSE Membership

Become AzCSE member

AzCSE is a non-profit organization registered with the Government of Alberta. Beside relying on our volunteers who enable us to hold events, our members also play an important role in supporting us both financially and many other ways. Collecting Membership dues is one of the main income source for AzCSE. Please become a member today to support your community.

Use the form below to pay. On the payment page, there is a field titled "Name of members paying for ". Please click "Add" and enter names of members you are paying for. Please also include their email addresses if it is their first time registering with AzCSE.

Membership Fee Add
AzCSE full membership $20.00
AzCSE student and low-income membership $10.00